Notice for system changes for the booking

Due to improve convenience for the guests, we have changed the booking system on 1 August, 2019.
Thank you for your understanding.

Registration information of the guest
The guest who registared information by 31 July 2019, our new booking system is not available.
Please registar the guest information again.

 Please registar here.

Booking information of the guest
The guest who registared information through former booking system by 31 July 2019, and the guest who want to amend your booking or cancel, please operate former booking system.
Please email us if you amend your booking.

 Booking confirmation/cancel (former booking system) is here.

Interim membership registration|SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima

Interim membership registration

We will send the confirmation e-mail to the inputted address. Please carry out the registration form the link in it. In addition, complete the registration within 24 hours after sending out the e-mail.

Email address are case sensitive. Please be careful not to make a mistake.

*  Please change to admit the receiving email from the domain if you are using the receive setting function.

E-mail address