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Shohakutei Azumaso

Most popular! Azumaso standard plan (two meals per day)
Choose your favorite cuisine, including Yamagata beef and our local specialties.

☆Choice menu for dinner
- Beef steak, specialty of Yamagata
- Shabu-shabu
- Beef sukiyaki, specialty of Yamagata 
- Sangenton (pork at Hirata farm) shabu-shabu
- Yamagata homebred herb chicken shabu-shabu
- Crab shabu-shabu
- Vinegared crab
- Crab tempura
- One-pot dish of the season

Please select among the ten dishes above.
Even if you are staying as a group, each person can choose whichever dish they like!
Note: If you decide on your choice of cuisine, please contact us three days prior to your stay.
Please note that you cannot choose menu from that day on.

◆◇◆ Official homepage reservation bonus  ◆◇◆
☆Chef’s recommendation!
One dish plus:
☆Colorful yukata with multicolored selection
☆Shogi (Japanese chess) Netsuke (small sculpture used in the past used to fasten containers)
One present for each guest

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Check-in From 15:00 to 19:30(HH:MM)
Check-out Until 10:00(HH:MM)
Dining breakfast ・dinner
Rate 11,000円-(Per guest for one room, when shared by 4 guest(s))
* Tax included.
Deadline of reservations Until 8:00(HH:MM) on the accommodation date
Package period 2016/8/2 - 2022/11/30(YYYY/MM/DD)